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Puffer Booties, Toddler - Haze Pink

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Perfect for your little explorer out in cold weather, Stonz Puffer Baby Booties keep their feet dry & warm even in the middle of winter. The Stonz Puffer baby booties use 3M thinsulate to keep them cozy in temperatures as low as -20ºC. Easy to get on and off for any impromptu backyard play session, these soft-sole non-slip shoes are perfect for early walkers that still have wobbly steps.

Warm without being bulky, these versatile puffer booties were made for kids (and parents) on the go: lightweight for toting around in your diaper bag and with an extra-wide opening that easily covers shoes or liners. Got a wiggly baby? Just secure with the toggle closure and you’re done: no amount of kicking and playing will get these off!

Care Instructions:

• Machine wash and dry inside out on delicate

• Do not use hot water/heat when washing


• Made in China
• Care Instructions: Machine wash
• Fabric: 100% Ripstop Nylon
• 100% Polyester vegan insulation
• 100% Polyester fleece lining
• Recyclable TPE rubber sole
• Weight: 3.5 oz (99.8 g)

SMALL 9.8 - 10.2 6.9 16.5 10.5
MEDIUM 10.2 - 13.1 7.4 17 13.5
LARGE 13.1 - 15 8.8 18 15.5
EXTRA LARGE 15 - 17 8.8 18 17.5

How to put on Stonz Booties - STEP ONE

Slip child's foot into bootie, ensuring their heel is sitting in the heel of the bootie.

How to put on Stonz Booties - STEP TWO

Tighten the elastics at the ankle to hold the bootie in place, tighen the elastics on the leg.

How to put on Stonz Booties - STEP THREE

Slip your fingers into bootie to check that the elastic is in a comfortable position against the leg, not too tight or loose.

The Baby Booties are sized for babies up to 9 months. The soles are soft, to provide that barefoot experience and free range of motion - but grippy, allowing babies to learn balance and coordination. They feature easy-on, stay-on adjustable closures and are cut wide enough to layer over socks or fleece liners.

Bootie FItting FAQs

What is the easiest way to get a bootie on a squirmy baby?
Rub the bottom of your baby's foot to get them to realx and unclench their foot, this will make it easier to slip the bootie on.

How do I check that the elastics aren't too tight?
Slip a finger in between the leg & elastic to ensure the elastics are sitting comfortably close to the baby's leg - not too tight or too loose.

What size liners should I buy?
When buying bootie liners, purchase the same size as the bootie.

How do I know if my child is comfortable?
The first time you use any new gear in outdoor conditions, check your child regularly & monitor their reaction to weather: slip your finger into footwear and garments (at neck, wrists, ankles) to make sure their skin is a comfortable temperature and that they are comfortable and relaxed.

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