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Welcome to The Mellowland
Welcome to The Mellowland

Wooden Knife by Skagfa

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Our Montessori knives can currently be found in 23 countries and we keep expanding. DESIGNED AND HAND FINISHED IN SPAIN

This is Träkniv, a beautiful wooden knife for the little ones. (cuchillo de madera)

This handy tool allows children to safely participate in meal preparation, develop independence and fine motor skills.


From 3 years or 1+ under adult supervision


Made out of Wood, oil .


Aprox 10 cm x 9.4 cm


  • After use wash the wooden knife with warm water and mild soap, rinse and dry it immediately
  • Let it dry completely before using again.
  • Store in a dry place
  • When wood becomes dry, apply a layer of vegetable oil.
  • You can always sand it if need it