Wooden Sewing Board

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Here is a great way for your child to learn fine motor skills, basic sewing stitches, and introduce the experience of embroidery. In the photograph you see the following stitches--running, back, chain, cross, whip, blanket, and zigzag. Whether your child uses this as a tool for learning or toy for fun, you're giving them a wonderful place to express creativity and build new talents.

In the last photo, you'll see a set up I did with my children to create patterns on their boards. They laid a sheet of paper onto a towel and the sewing board on the paper. Then they poked holes into the paper through the board using a skewer. Once the entire grid of holes was poked into the paper, they came up with designs by connecting the dots with a pencil and planned out their embroidery for the board. Then they stitched it onto the board :). We have a mermaid and fish demonstrated in the photo.