When I am Big

by The Mellowland

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Charming illustrations and text encourage young children to explore what they can do as they grow up. The adventurous child imagines "I will tie my shoes all by myself, make 3 knots with big bows"; to eat twenty pizzas in one sitting, or walk animals, eight at a time, while teaching them tricks. When I Am Big is also an unconventional counting book, as it goes all the way to twenty-five. The result is a book that nourishes a child's curiosity, confidence, and delight in the world's wonders.


"What small child doesn't love to count or to anticipate all the glorious things they will do when they are bigger? This original picture book combines these two pastimes by embedding succeeding numbers within increasingly imaginative, bold fantasies for the future. Each numeral stands out, enlarged and assertive, within the narrator's declarative dreams. The watercolor illustrations, charming, comedic, and pleasing, will no doubt delight readers."
- Kirkus Reviews