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Welcome to The Mellowland
Welcome to The Mellowland

Space Explorers Pack

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Fly me to the moon! But why stop there? the planets are waiting to greet you! Start from the sun, the little planet mercury, baked by the sun. Then the shaded planet venus. What is lying beneath the clouds? Beautiful earth! Blue and green. Can you see your home? The red planet mars. Did life ever exist here! If you look really close you may see the mars explorers sent from earth! Then come the giant planets! Jupiter with its spot, saturn and the majestic rings, uranus and neptune so far! And we haven't even moved into the greater milky way let your child's imagination go wild as they explore the universe we are part of.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic and play proof.

• Made in Australia

• Weight: 10.6 oz (300 g)