Miniware Snack Bowl+Cup Set

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Forget melamine kids’ dishes with distracting cartoon characters and instead go natural with Miniware – sustainable tableware for your ‘minis’ ages 4 months and up that not only looks like it stepped out of Architectural Digest but also offers unique self-feeding features, transitions from baby to toddler and older, is made from eco-friendly cassava based PLA, and is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe.


Are you looking for a great snack set for your little ones? You will love this set by Miniware! You will feel confident that your kids will be eating and drinking out of earth friendly cups and containers. I would have loved to have this when my little ones were tiny, no more spills because of the suction cup on the bottom of the bowl. The Miniware Sip & Snack set will also help your littles master their eating skills.

This set, or any of their other wonderful tableware sets would make a great gift! They come in many different colors.