Color Sorting Set

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This set is a great little tool to use in a Sensory Bin, or during a color unit at home or at school.

Build vocabulary by having little ones reach into a bag and pull out something bumpy, soft, square, squishy, hard, puffy, round, rough, smooth, etc. Talk about how each color can look slightly different depending on what type of object it is. Make color collages from the materials included…mix them up, and create again.

Each set comes with 10 different colored paint sticks with their color names to match and,

10 different colors of each of the following items:
-Handmade pom poms
-Striped paper straws
-Corrugated paper cardboard
-Foam paper
-Big fuzzy pipe cleaners

* This Play Set contains SMALL PARTS and is not suitable for children who put things in their mouths. *

* As with all Toys, children should be supervised while at play.