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Welcome to The Mellowland
Welcome to The Mellowland

Bio Dough Natural Play Dough-Rehydratable! 40oz Bag

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About this product

Each Bio DoUgh natural dough bag features nine carefully curated colors and scents. 18 colors palette!

High-Quality and Safe: Like all our products, our dough Bag is made from the highest quality natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and non-toxic play experience for children of all ages. It aligns perfectly with your commitment to offering top-notch products to your customers.

All food-graded and sourced from certified Australian suppliers. Versatile and Engaging: The unique soft and pliable texture of our dough allows children to mold, shape, and create to their heart's content from imaginative sculptures to sensory play experiences.

No more crusty, dried-out dough – Bio Dough is REHYDRATABLE! Each

Bag contains 9 x 125g colors - 1125g of assorted natural Bio DoUgh. 37.7oz.