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Welcome to The Mellowland
Welcome to The Mellowland

(3차) 24 Bouncy Putty Pots

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Engaging and Entertaining: Our set of 24 Bouncy Putty Pots is a treasure trove of fun for kids. Each tub contains vibrant bouncing slime putty that stretches, squishes, and magically rebounds. This unique sensory experience is not only amusing but also stimulates creativity and fine motor skills. Watch as children delight in the quirky, tactile nature of the putty, enjoying hours of imaginative play.

A Hit at Every Party: Elevate your child’s party with these captivating mini putty tubs. Ideal as party favours, they ensure every guest leaves with a memorable and engaging toy. These pots are not just great for birthday celebrations; they're also perfect for easter party bags, school rewards, or as a unique treat for any occasion. The joy and excitement of discovering the bouncy putty are guaranteed to bring smiles to little faces.

Colourful and Creative Play: Our Bouncy Putty Slime Kit offers a spectrum of 8 dazzling colours, with 3 tubs for each shade, ensuring a rainbow of choices for every child. Encourage them to mix and match colours, creating their own personalized putty. Prioritizing safety, our putty is non-toxic and conforms to safety standards. Recommended for children over 3 years under adult supervision, this kit is a wonderful way to foster creativity in a safe, playful environment.