Wooden World Map w/ Stand

by Gladfolk

$30.00 $55.00

This handmade wooden world map boards are designed with multiple uses in mind - as a tabletop reference board, a piece of art in a playroom or homeschool environment, a resource for memorization, or for plotting their next adventure!

Inspired by Montessori-style natural materials and the concept of sandpaper letters, this engraved map allows children to trace their fingers over the three-dimensional continent names and feel each word while absorbing the beauty of our world's landforms and continent names in a crisp, clear, easy-to-read sans serif font. "The World We Live In" is titled at the top; each of the 7 continents is labeled accordingly.

This wooden board measures 17" wide by 11" tall and 0.625" thick, large enough to be a lovely heirloom piece in the school room and last through many years of home education and geographical curiosity. Purchase the board alone and lean on a shelf or lay flat on a table or lap; purchase the board & stand together for an easy way to display your world map at all times, and move around the house as needed for a beautiful and accessible reference.

Wooden stand measures 10" wide by 2" tall and 3" deep with a perfectly angled groove for holding your map. Purchase other board designs in our shop and seamlessly switch out your display as needed!

Each item is lovingly designed and crafted by hand in our Ohio studio from locally sourced wood. Sealed with food-grade mineral oil and safe for babies and children to enjoy. Our line of modern learning resources are a lovely addition to a nursery, playroom, or homeschool environment and are sure to be treasured for years to come.

Wooden flashcards pictured in some of the images are not included but are available for purchase here!