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Flat Rate Shipping / Free Shipping Over $70

Sharks - Box Of Marbles

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A few days before the start of the summer season, the entire small Billes & Co seaside resort is in turmoil. Blacktip sharks have reportedly been spotted on the horizon behind the coral reef. And yet, no one wants to believe it. The sea is so calm, so tranquil...

A nice assortment

  • Marbles selected from among the most beautiful in the world, sorted and arranged by hand
  • Colorful and thematic assemblies, in playful and graphic universes

play freely

  • Contemplate, marvel, meditate
  • Reconnect with the materiality of the world with a screenless game
  • Play in a context conductive to the expression of the imagination

learn differently

  • Organize to structure thought, develop memory
  • Develop an aesthetic vocabulary (colors, shapes, textures)
  • Stimulate the imagination, promote poetic correspondences
  • Exercise motor skills, agility, dexterity

Responsible product

  • French concept and design
  • Shaping and handcrafting in France, at Atelier B&Co (colored papers and storage of marbles)
  • 100% recyclable product
  • Cardboard box, paper compartments, glass balls: Natural materials are in the spotlight!

    Please Note: We may have to change one variety of beads in the assortment, especially when a design is temporarily or permanently unavailable. However, we will always respect the theme, the harmonies of colours and the number of pieces to offer you the most beautiful boxes possible.